Ramkumar Ramachandra


I'm an Advanced Masters (M2) student at Université de Paris, and I study algebraic topology. My primary research interest is derived algebraic geometry. Over the summer of this year, I worked with Antoine Touzé to produce an exposé on stable -categories. In another pursuit, Hugo Herbelin and I are working on a paper formalizing semi-cubical sets in Coq.

Prior to my Masters, I worked with Cătălin Hrițcu and Kenji Maillard at Inria Paris for a year, writing Coq for formal verification of effectful programs.

Before arriving in Paris, I'd worked in the US software industry for three and a half years, most significantly at MathWorks for two and a half, as a compiler engineer writing middle-end compiler optimizations. I graduated from Columbia University in New York in 2014, earning my second Masters degree, notably producing rhine-ml as part of my compilers course.

I earned my first Masters degree at the Indian Institute of Technology in Kharagpur, in Physics. Over the course of my summer vacations as a student there, I completed two Summer of Code projects with the Git community, the first in which I wrote svnrdump for the Subversion community, and the second in which I authored sequencer.c. I'd been an active member of the community for almost four years, participating in mailing-list discussions. I have been writing software since middle school, and have contributed to a variety of open source projects.

My interest in mathematics stems from working with the Integer Set Library, and from reading Poincaré's Analysis Situs, in my late twenties. The turning point was Jacob Lurie's books, whence I decided to quit software engineering, and pursue mathematics.

I have self-taught myself mathematics upto the beginner-graduate level, with some guidance from Krishna Hanumanthu at the Chennai Mathematical Institute, in the late 2018 ~ early 2019 period.

I can be reached at r@artagnon.com