Ramkumar Ramachandra


Ram is currently finishing up his Advanced Masters (M2) studies in Algebraic Topology at Université Paris-Cité, and resides in Paris, France. He has a wide spectrum of interests, and can tersely be described as an expert engineer, and a decent mathematician.

A résumé is available on request.


The author has two primary collaborators:

With the former, he works in the area of Spectral Algebraic Geometry, and with the latter, in the area of Mathematical Logic and Applied Type Theory.

  1. From iterated parametricity to indexed semi-cubical and semi-simplicial sets: a formal construction with Hugo Herbelin.
    June 2022, TYPES '22
  2. An indexed construction of semi-simplicial and semi-cubical types with Hugo Herbelin.
    In preparation
  3. Derived deformation theory and the Koszul duality with Ricardo Campos.
    In preparation


The preferred way to reach the author is by email: r [@] artagnon.com.