Ramkumar Ramachandra


I'm an Advanced Masters (M2) student at Université de Paris, in the algebraic topology track. In a year-long ongoing project with Hugo Herbelin, we are working on formalizing semi-cubical sets in Coq. In another six-month project with Antoine Touzé, we are working on learning the machinery of stable ∞-categories, and producing an M2 memoir.

Prior to this, I worked with Cătălin Hrițcu and Kenji Maillard at Inria Paris for a year, writing Coq for formal verification of effectful programs.

Prior to that, I'd worked in the US software industry for three and a half years, most significantly at MathWorks for two and a half, as a compiler engineer writing middle-end compiler transforms. This was after completing my second Masters degree in Computer Engineering at Columbia University, notably producing rhine-ml as part of my compilers course.

My first Masters degree was in Physics at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. Over the course of my summer vacations as a student there, I completed two Summer of Code projects with the Git community, the first in which led me to author svnrdump, and the second in which I authored sequencer.c. I'd been an active member of the community for almost four years, landing 200 commits.

I have been writing software since middle school, and have contributed to a variety of open source projects, and my interest in mathematics stemmed from working with the Integer Set Library at MathWorks and in my late twenties, once I was an accomplished software engineer. I have self-taught myself mathematics upto the beginner-graduate level, with some guidance from Krishna Hanumanthu at the Chennai Mathematical Institute, in late 2018 ~ early 2019.